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Patricia is a writer, program manager and social photographer, David is a geologist, writer and outdoor/landscape photographer, together we are "Photogeo". 


We tend to prefer the road less well traveled.

Our 4WD Mercedes Sprinter camper van is our primary means to this end.


Together, we hike, camp, ride bikes, ski, surf (well David does), we sail and we SUP (Stand-Up Paddle - for the uninitiated).   And of course we write and take pictures.


David has had a forty-five year career as an international exploration geologist, but along the way diverged into fine art photography.  He presented his work for seven consecutive years at the Laguna Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach California - a seriously juried show - and has sold over 400 of his pieces.  There is no greater compliment than a purchase!  

He shoots with Nikon's, Hasselblad's and Pentax - and increasingly these days with his IPhone!


Throughout our family's travels and various business enterprises, Patricia ("Mom") has been our office manager, agent, social media director and travel facilitator.  David ("Dad") has rambled far and wide earning our living, invariably with cameras in hand or on his back. Together, Mom and Dad raised three children, Iain, Islay and Dylan, each of which is of course brilliant!

From here on we will just let the images and the narrative do the talking.  We hope you enjoy!


A lonely and winding dirt road in the Death Valley badlands
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