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Photogeo artistic outdoor photography displayed in this site and their accompanying narratives come from the travels of a geoscientist, photographer and explorer.  The images are mostly of the outdoors that include landscapes, geology and architecture, with a strong historical bent.  They are not always literal, they are occasionally abstract and whimsical; the narratives are a mixture of geoscientific observations and travelogue musings.  David Nicklin, with his wife Patricia Young-Nicklin are near constant travel companions and this site is their team effort!

It is of course a work in progress and we hope will be updated on an ongoing basis.

We hope you enjoy browsing, and we would like nothing better than to hear any feedback you might have for us.  All of our images are available for purchase as electronic files or as prints at whatever size you need.   While we do provide our own framing services, more recently we have had spectacular results printing our images directly on aluminum and displaying them without any sort of glass covering.  This provides a very contemporary look that does not have any unwanted reflections.  To make these we have to send them to a lab.  By necessity therefore, our charges are customized for your particular image and will depend on the size you want.   The ultimate cost comprises our artist's fee, a handling fee, a shipping fee and the cost of the print as invoiced by the lab.  Please call us or email us if you are interested in owning one or more images.

© Copyright©David F. Nicklin.    All images and text are the property of David F. Nicklin and cannot be used without prior approval by David F. Nicklin.

Phone:    949.246.0202      Email:

The wide open road in New Mexico with mountains in the background
A full rainbow over the Colorado Plateau
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